Have you been looking for a way to take a more active role in the fight for constitutionally-limited government? Strong grassroots leadership is critical to achieving our mission, that's why we're committed to recruiting leaders in every county and community in our state and equiping them with the skills they need to be effective organizers.

Grassroots leaders can make a significant difference for the future of our state and our country. Ready to take the lead?

Get Training

Our grassroots training teaches you how to get involved and make a difference. Ideal trainees are individuals interested in improving your activism skills and learning what it takes to make your voice heard. We will teach you how to recruit, organize, and motivate people in your community to get actively engaged in the political process.

Lead A Team

OFL Neighborhood Team Leaders are responsible for building a team of 10-20 active members in their immediate area. As the face of Organize for Liberty in each community, Neighborhood Team Leaders should be looking for opportunities to spread the word about Organize for Liberty at festivals, gun shows, and other local events.

Organize An Area

OFL Area Field Organizers are responsible for recruiting and managing neighborhood team leaders and local chapters. Area Field Organizers will be assigned to a specific geographical area where they will bear the primary responsibility for the execution of our projects in their assigned region.

Start A Chapter

Organize for Liberty encourages our members to form local chapters as means of advancing our mission and increasing our reach. Local chapters are important building blocks of our movement because they help get more people involved locally and allow OFL to have an impact in communities across the state.